I married the person who does this

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‪this frog and toad knitting pattern is the best thing ive seen in a while‬

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2020 best wedding

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Drake is genuinely the most overrated artist of this generation

He can’t sing. He doesn’t make his beats. He has ghost writers that write his catchy lyrics. He doesn’t deserve all the prices he has and all the money he has. To give you an idea of how far he will go to make more money he stole half of The Weeknd’s album.

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Don't waste your time with people who don't appreciate you

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YSK that both The channels “Puppy Love” and “Pets Kittens” purposefully put animals in dangerous situations just so they can film themselves “rescuing” said animals

Why YSK: These people are abusing these animals, and many of them, despite getting “rescued” are likely actually dead because of the abuse they suffered. More attention needs to be brought to this so that Youtube can shut them down

Nick Crowley has a good video on this explaining the situation (Trigger warning, even though he blurs things out it can still be upsetting watching these animals getting abused)

In the video, he covered these two channels, originally called Happy Dog and Rescue Journey TV when the video was made. After the video both channels changed their names and turned off comments

Both videos will upload almost daily videos showing dogs and cats in almost impossible situations, just to pull them out, in some cases using the same dog or cat more than one time for multiple rescues and performing rescues that seem to garner the most views.

It’s completely despicable and I have no doubt these aren’t the only two channels that do these things. There’s likely an entire plethora of channels with poor animals getting hurt just to gain internet fame.

This needs more attention so that Youtube will finally step up and crack down on channels that do this, so that no more innocent animals need to get hurt just so someone can receive that internet clout

Edit. u/chillin_iceBear posted a link exposing even more channels that abuse animals

This is the original video Nick Crowley posted that exposed the channels I listed

This is the follow up he made that exposes even more

Also as mentioned by several people paymoneywubby made a video about this too

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Thats why I love video games...

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The first women in the epitome of stupid

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people's lack of care for others is amazing somtimes

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