This seems like a wonderful way to introduce a PC

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I hope this isn't a repost.

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Fatima, a 32-year-old Iranian artist, did not let paralysis stand as a barrier to fulfilling her dreams.

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So wholesome my toaster cried

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I have lost faith in humanity

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Sea doggo slapping her belly with her keeper

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Just a little something for the upcoming holiday season.

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Play stupid games...

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Don't buy Series X or Series S from scalpers!!

I am one of the many people that failed to preorder today. Scalpers are already on Ebay selling systems for over $800. Fight the urge to buy from them. Trust me....there will be many available in the near future. Save your money until then.

Psa over.

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Tankies seize anarchist subreddit, anarchists are not pleased

the sub description for r/GenZanarchist now reads:

A fascist subreddit recently seized by marxists. Under reform.

and rule 2 is now

No Fascism or Anarchism

Anarchists and fascists will not be tolerated in the server.

the Tankies have stickied a post titled

The truth about China. The US Propaganda machine tries to push a genocide, and oppression being the norm, but is that true? Now let me show you the other side.

anarchist venting on r/TankieJerk (how I found out about this)

r/GenZanarchist has been "couped" by the founder and former head mod of the subreddit who is now a MLM,

Stalinists gloating in their new new sub

god bless the DPRK

Anarchists complaining about the change of leadership, their comments have been removed

this post will be updated as more popcorn becomes available.

Update: more information from bulldog And a first hand account of the ban wave

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