I don't care how old a novel is, revealing spoilers in the introduction or blurb is INFURIATING!

As the title says. So annoying to pick up a book, read the intro and have the whole thing ruined.

I understand things pass into common knowledge and old things get ruined on the internet but the book itself shouldn't be ruining it.

Sometimes the novels aren't even over a hundred years old and they just straight up tell you what happens. I love analysis but put it AFTER the novel not before.

The literary canon is absolutely enormous. There is literally no reason to assume everyone who's reading has done so before. There's always going to be first time readers.

Sorry about the rant but just had Brothers Kamarazov ruined by such an intro.

Edit: Some interesting discussion raised here but one thing I've responded and I want to point out about comment on how plot doesn't matter.

No novel was intended to have the foreknowledge of it being being a classic when first published. If the author had wanted it to be spoiled, they would deliberately have done so in the opening.

To use Dostoevsky as an example, I want HIM to take me through the psychogical journey and reflection of faith as HE wrote it to be so. Not somebody telling me that he does so, how he does it and change how Dostoevsky had intended for me to read the book e.g. not knowing. You definitely lose something with foreknowledge.

This isn't to say they're unreadable. It's pretty hard to avoid spoilers and I've read loads of classics where it didn't affect my enjoyment.

But there is something special about being able to enjoy a classic without complete knowledge and again, this is how the writers intended it. Just stick the analysis after the story.

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