I am an ordained Minister of the Church Of The Flying Spaghetti Monster, a Totally legit religion. AMA

Proof: https://imgur.com/a/JZU2qoy

Though the name sounds like its all a big joke, We are a completely legit religion, Some countries do recognise us as an Official religion. We are estimated to have over or around 1 Million followers, And we have religious scriptures, Such as the Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Website: https://www.spaghettimonster.org/

The Religion was started in 2005 by Prophet Bobby Henderson, who wrote this letter to the Kansas City school board https://www.spaghettimonster.org/about/open-letter/


Edit 5: THANK YOU FOR THE AWARDS, KIND REDDITORS! May you be touched by his noodle appendage

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Summer Taylor: young woman who died after being injured last night

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Sunrise through foggy forest, Kuusamo Finland [OC] [3333x5000]

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I was in Busan, South Korea this past weekend. This was how American soldiers on leave were celebrating the 4th of July. Embarrassing.(Sorry for news story being in Korean)

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Trump delivers a swift and sweeping sentence like nobody's ever seen anything happen.

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Kicking kids ain't the one

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TIFU by reading my girlfriend the TIFU about a mother telling her child that Bob Ross is dead

I was reading this TIFU post about a mother who told her 4 year old that her hero Bob Ross is dead. One part got me in a fit and naturally my girlfriend asked me what made me laugh, so i started explaining the story in short.

As soon as I told her the kid had to cry because she had just been told Bob was dead, all colour left her face. With tears in her eyes and a pouting lip she asked me if I was serious - I explained to her that Bob Ross had in fact died in 1995, showing her the Wikipedia page to corroborate it.

My girlfriend is up there on the cries-because-swans-can-be-gay spectrum, so surprising here with this fact was not a smart move. The weeping waned away, but the sad and defeated mood stayed and now I'm on my way to pick up a bottle of wine and a tub of ice cream,so we can enjoy that during a Bob Ross paint-along.

I guess it'll be a watercolour made with tears. Thanks, u/garryoak

TL;DR Girlfriend didn't know Ross was dead. Now she does.

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My dog made a friend at the park, they became inseparable. After chatting with the other owner, we worked out they are brother and sister! They hadn’t seen each other since they were 8 weeks old, and were both rescues.

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Voter who supported party that publicly stripped away the welfare state for 10 years surprised to find it missing when they need it.

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God Bless Old Man Jenkins

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