Who's laughing now?

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For 22 years, Owen Lars told Beru that he'll "finish painting the ceiling tomorrow."

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The Self Made Man by Victor Pina

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My cat Domino has Heterochromia which has the side-effect that light reflects differently causing him to look like the Terminator!

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Stalking Conor McGregor

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Decorator of the year award goes to

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Doggo sees fish is still kicking, so he let's it go

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A kind soul indeed

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TIFU by meeting with other members of the furry community

Well, this didn't happen today, but a few weeks ago - you know the drill. Also, this is a throwaway account because I don't want to offend anyone who knows me personally.

First, some backstory: I am (or was?) a furry. Yeah, I know, we can be weird. A long time ago I discovered furry porn and quickly realised that I'm reeeeally into it. To the point at which I didn't consume any other form of pornography. And after a few years I came (hehe) into contact with some SFW communities as well - and I started to participate in some local message boards in my country.

It was all fun and games, until about half a year ago I decided that I wanted to actually meet some of these people in real life. Not to have sex or anything, but actually to make some RL friends since many of my current friends moved away and I started to feel a bit lonely.

Someone organised a meetup and I signed up for it. Noting special was planned, just meeting for an evening to hang out and play some games.

I was really excited to make some friends and looked forward to it. Buuuut things went downhill as soon as I saw the others for the first time. They didn't do anything weird, it was just this realisation that I'm meeting with other furrys... which was strange, to say the least. And then they actually started talking about furry-stuff (like fursuits, conventions etc.) and I realised how much I used to separate my online persona from my real life persona.

It's hard to describe why I felt weird about it - I guess I used the furry community as a way to escape reality? And now facing it in reality instantly took away this appeal.

I stayed for a bit but left the meetup pretty quickly. And in the following days, the worst thing happened: I lost interest in furry porn. I started to associate it with real people and real life in general... It just didn't do it for me anymore.

Now I'm left without new friends, and with part of my identity (and fetish) being taken away.

I hope this story made sense, I typed it quickly on my phone. Also, please note that I don't want to paint a bad picture of furrys with this post! You guys and girls are pretty great and I'm glad that you are having a good time. But I guess it's not for me?

TL;DR Was a furry, met with other furrys in real life - felt weird about it and now I'm not a furry anymore, maybe.

Edit: typo & formatting

Edit 2: Jesus Christ guys, calm down with the furry hate. It's not a community about sex, sex is just a part of it for some people. (Shout-out to u/Mont_fox 's comment for explaining that in more detail.) I just wanted to share my experience with you. Please behave or I'll have to delete this post.

Edit 3: Since some of you are asking what a furry is, there is a really nice and wholesome YouTube documentary about it, which also covers some of the controversies around the fandom. Check it out: https://youtu.be/iv0QaTW3kEY

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