‘Finally some relaxing time’

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Nothing like some dude on dude wholesomeness

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YSK That many people with a disability consider their aides (wheelchair, etc.) an extension of themselves. You should ask before touching or moving them.

Read this article and was surprised to hear how many people struggle with this. Even if you are trying to help, you should ask first.


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TIFU by deleting all my boyfriends game data

So my boyfriend has been super pumped about Ghost of Tsushima, which came in the mail yesterday while he was at work. He calls me and asks me to download it so he can play when he gets home.

I’m not tech-impaired, however I do not game and only ever use the PlayStation for Netflix. So I’m on the phone with him as he’s walking me through how to download the new game. I say I got it.

I get to settings and go to data (because that was what I was logically thinking in order to remove GB to make room for more GB..), he told me to delete Last of Us, which he just painstakingly finished. I select the three last of us app looking things that come up, and press delete.

I go back to download GOT, and it still says there’s no room. I repeat my previous steps and delete another game.

I do this two more times with two more games....

After noodling around settings trying to figure out why I’m not getting more storage after deleting games, I click on apps instead of data. There is a list of all his games, even the ones I thought I deleted. So I select and delete one this time, and voila—GOT starts downloading.

I call my boyfriend, tell him I had a problem with making deleting his data at first but he’s good to go now. His voice immediately tells me he’s died a little inside when he asked if I deleted the GAME or the DATA. And after I said both, he sweetly said in a weak voice “ok babe thanks”. And then I knew I did something bad.

TLDR: I mistakenly deleted PS4 game data instead of downloaded game to make storage room for new game. Boyfriend died a little inside.

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Timelapse of a snail eating a tomato.

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This smoothie after being blended.

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Here is Me during Hot and Humid Day

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Artists installed living anti-Trump statues around The White House. “Now Go Back to School”

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But where did it go?

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