It's my birthday today and I've got no one to celebrate it with.

So, I hope I can celebrate it with the friendlier part of Reddit. I've got a lot to achieve this year and I want your thoughts and prayers to help make this year a beautiful one. Thank you for coming to my small party..

Edit: I'm out of words. Thank you for making this such a memorable day and making me feel loved and cared. I love you all! (':

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I hope no one is watching

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How can you be so dumb?

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At 4:31 AM, an unauthorized photo taken of Stalin inside of the Kremlin shows the very moment he was informed that Germany had began their invasion of the Soviet Union. It was taken by Komsomolskaya Pravda, editor in chief. He was ordered to destroy it, but instead saved it. June 22, 1941.[720x1003]

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Ah snap gotta go away

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Fuckin' war criminals, I tell ya

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TIFU by punching my son in the face as hard as I possibly could

So my son moved back in with me because of the pandemic (he had to take a pay cut.) This isn't really an issue because we get along great and I raised him alone. I also have a big enough house that he he has more of his own space. I'm 43, he's 24.

My basement is a makeshift boxing gym. I have some free weights, punching bags, and boxing gloves, among other things. So when my son moved back in we both decided this could be a fun way to stay in shape and bond. We practice a few times a week.

Yesterday, we were sparring (no holds barred but we were wearing boxing headgear) and I guess I didn't wrap my glove tightly enough, because it fell off and I didn't notice and neither did my son.

So I go to punch, he gives me this deer-in-the-headlights look, like OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO and then I punched him, bare knuckled, in the face, without holding back.

He has a broken nose. I have two broken fingers.

TL;DR: Absolutely lit my son's shit up with a full-strength punch and now we're both out of commission for a few weeks. Also, I bought new boxing gloves. And duct tape. I still feel bad but he isn't upset, and we've been laughing telling other people the story.

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TIFU from removing my Menstural cup in front of my boyfriend

For those of you who don't know, a Menstural cup is a soft & flexible medical grade silicone cup that you can leave in for up to 12hrs to collect the period blood and pour out. As you can imagine, a full cup has a fair amount of blood. This is important for later.

This morning at 5am, I felt the need to go to the toilet. I noticed that a little blood had spilled out so I knew it was over time to empty my cup. This usually doesn't happen to me, but I guess overnight I had more blood than usual.

Groggy at 5am with the lights off, I take my cup out and dump it into the toilet. It was messy, and I finally discovered that I had an accident with how much blood came out. I chucked my cup in the sink next to me ready to clean everything up, but at this moment, my boyfriend peeks into the bathroom to see if I'm okay and what I'm doing awake.

From his perspective, he just sees blood all over my hands and in the sink. The lights were off and he just can see me from the flash on my phone. It looked like a horror scene.

He freaked out and fainted at the door. Me, being concerned without thought, jumped up to aid my boyfriend who had just collapsed on the floor without a second thought.

I then instantly realised I had blood all over my hands, and now all over him and the floor. He wakes up a moment later, freaking out not knowing why there is blood everywhere.

I explained it to him and was left with a shocked boyfriend and a literal bloody mess I had to clean up at 5am.

TL;DR I emptied my period cup in the dark at 5am and my boyfriend thought the blood on my hands was from some horror injury and fainted.

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Last Qantas 747 flight draws its spirit

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Trying to drive like a superhero

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