That’s the point of the book!

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Happens too often

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Worlds 2020- Main Event Groups- post DRAW


Group A :

G2 Esports

Suning Gaming
Machi Esports

Team Liquid

Group B:

Damwon Gaming

JD Gaming


PSG Talon

Group C:





Group D:

Top Esports



Unicorn of Love


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Australian soldiers after being liberated from a Japanese concentration camp in 1945

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My friend let her chickens loose on a watermelon. They picked it clean.

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Am I weird for not liking that the word Daddy has been sexualized?

I'm a daddys girl. Have been most of my life. I call him daddy. I adore him and admire him and we have a very close friendship and bond. The relationship with my dad is unlike any other. Its 100% unconditional, its always supportive never controlling and ALWAYS reliable. Its also a relationship with a man that is 100% never about sex or my appearance or anything like that. I know he isnt faking it to get in my pants, I know he won't ghost me, I know he will never go r/niceguys on me. Its pure.

I'll always be my daddys little girl. But to me thats a pure relationship not a sexual one. So it bothers me a bit that these terms have become so sexually charged. I will NEVER call a bf daddy. Thats so gross to me. And if a guy were to say something like "come to daddy" or "whos your daddy?" I would be instantly turned off. Am I just weird?

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I counted all of the times each candidate interrupted in the presidential election. Here are the results

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Bro's for life!

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Why indeed...

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