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it's filled with that

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This 100-year-old lighter from Austria.

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I grew up poor as hell and managed to bootstrap. I’m going to lay out the entire line of actions and factors and whether those events were “luck,” “specific personality” and/or “hard work” (you can guess which one is the smallest factor). I fucking HATE bootstrappers.

Title is the TL;DR. I’m writing this from my anonymous account (my main account is my actual name) to make clear that I’m not writing this to brag.

I want people to see what that took. I’m going to categorize events into “luck” “specific personality” and “hard worker” - you’ll see how few events are the latter.

Here’s what had to happen:

-I decided what I wanted to do at a ridiculously young age and focused only on that (specific personality)

-I grew up in New York in close vicinity to my desired industry (luck)

-I laid out a plan to get there when I was 14 and followed it to a tee (specific personality)

-I managed to get into a very exclusive program that allows high school seniors to work internships 4 days out of the week for 75% of the year, only available at 5 schools in New York (luck)

-My dad is a recruiter and heavily instructed me on cover letters and resumes (luck)

-At that program, my teacher would not let me settle. Because of that amazing teacher I made SEVENTY cold calls, wrote THIRTY emails and and lied about my age to get my first internship. (luck, hard work: this teacher set the stage for my approach going forward)

-I started dating a girl who’s mom got me an interview at a higher end internship (luck)

-I made another 44 cold calls and a little over 20 emails for my next step (specific personality, hard work)

-I got another internship in California (not possible without previous instances of luck)

-I worked my way to being an employee (hard work)

-A connection got me an interview for a netflix doc (luck and specific personality)

-From there I worked on countless projects (hard work)

-Eventually was hired to co-edit a film that won a few awards (hard work, specific personality and luck in meeting the right people)

-I am now a comfortable, award winning filmmaker. Hooray.

Do y’all see how borderline impossible that was? SO many pieces had to fall into place to achieve this. BOOTSTRAPPING DOES NOT EXIST. HARD WORK IS NOT NEARLY ENOUGH.

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I can feel your anger

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Ever wondered how accurate the lost child age progression photos are? Check for yourself.

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An insane and interesting Norwegian police chase

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Happy feet puppy

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wholesome among us

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