this is by far and away the worst meme i have ever made

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Goofy doing chores for his wife

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It’s giveaway time with ASUS!

It’s giveaway time with ASUS!

Hey r/buildapc! We are super excited to announce this giveaway with ASUS, and what better time than with the recent release of the B550 motherboards? So if you’ve been thinking about building new or upgrading soon, this might just be your chance at winning some free hardware!

How to enter:

Post a comment telling us about your first PC building experience. Tell us what prompted you to do so, what your thought process was, or things you learned from the experience.

For a chance to win the additional prizes, fill out this form with your details, and answer some simple questions.

Winners will be chosen by ASUS based on the builds you come up with.

Here are the prizes:

Thread comment prizes:

  • Winner: 1 x ROG Strix B550-E Gaming motherboard + 1 x AMD Ryzen 3800XT CPU

  • Second Place: 1 x ROG Strix B550-A Gaming motherboard

  • Third Place: ROG Ryuo 240

  • Fourth Place: ROG Strix 850W PSU

For additional prizes, fill out the Google form:

  • Winner: TUF Gaming B550M-Plus motherboard (1x)

  • Second place: ROG Strix 850W (1x)

  • Third Place: TUF Gaming LC 120 RGB AIO (1x)

Terms and conditions:

  • Entries close at 11:59pm GMT on 03/08/2020.

  • Users who comment in the thread will be entered for the thread comment prizes. Users who fill out the questionnaire will be entered for the additional prizes.

  • There are no location restrictions, shipping will be from ASUS directly.

  • Winners will be contacted via Reddit DM. If we receive no response within a week, new winners will be chosen.

Good luck, if you have any questions feel free to ask below!

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I just painted a John Lewis street art mural in Denver Colorado

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6 years ago, Triple H shows his displeasure by threatening to complain online and proclaiming that "he and his friend Mark" will stop watching. The average viewership for this RAW was 4.43 million viewers (demo 3.15) and the most recent viewership for RAW was 1.56 million viewers (demo 0.48)

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The U.S. has officially turned into - one big reality TV show

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How is Reddit so popular, yet everyone I ask either doesn't use it or has never even heard of it?

I've only met one person that uses it

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Small gesture, Big impact

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I think he's lost his mind

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