„Look what I’ve made”

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Dad teaching me how to make cornbread. Houston, TX, 1986

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My culinary education

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Cursed suicide

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Stay stronk guys

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Black Excellence

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When your hotel staff go the extra mile - Xposted from r/animalcrossing

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TIFU by Watching Live Porn For The First Time (NSFW)

I'm sitting in my room pretty horny and bored so I wanna go watch some porn

and I always get these ads about pornhub live and I've never checked it out.

So I'm like, alright I'm gonna check it out, see what it's all about

I open it and I see all these hot girls. I go into a couple and on the right side, they have a chat where you can type. but in order to chat with the girls, I have to make an account.

I entered my email, password, and they have something weird that is that you have to enter a username

obviously didn't wanna use my real name so I write the first name that comes to mind, jakob69420

and then on the next page, it says. Enter your credit card,. I'm already skeptical but it says.. it's 100% free, it's only for if things get hot and you wanna donate

and I'm like.. eeeeehhh... but I'm already so far in the process that I'm like ok fuck it.. let's go

So now I'm in and I watch a few and they're like just sitting there, they're not really doing anything. nobody was showing any tits, a little ass shaking, but pretty underwhelming overall.

So to find the best one I just hold control on my keyboard and open a ton of tabs so I can find one that actually does something sexy.

and I flip through these tabs at the top and there would popup this annoying thing that said. You can only watch one live stream at the time. 

this popup would come a few times where I had to click like an orange button to refresh.

and then I land on this really old like 60-year-old gilf, and she's just sitting there, there's like 8 people watching live.

then there was a popup with an orange button and instinctively my mouse just goes to it and right as I'm about to click the button I see it says, enter private room $5 dollars.

I click it, and I'm like.. "No! o fuck!" I'm not sad loosing $5 dollars but eh, couldn't it be somebody that's a little bit sexier?

Now she's like smiling and she say's "heeey Jakob".. Immediately she's pulling her tits out and she grabs a dildo laying next to her. she has this underwear on that has like a velcro flap, and she snaps it open and I can see this really old, slightly hairy pussy. 

I'm like.. alright man, I fucking paid for this, so better give it a go, kinda like shamefully jacking off.

Now she keeps saying Jakob over and over again, moaning, and I mean.. she puts on a pretty good show, she was pretty hot, but I mean she's fucking 60...

I start writing in the chat that she should talk dirty to me and shit. 

I'm gonna spare you all the details, but after a few minutes I cum

and I'm like, thank you, bye! 

I Close the window and go back to watching youtube and chilling out.

Later that night, I go to check my email, and I see this receipt from pornhub live and it turns out... it didn't cost just $5... It cost $5 dollars per minute!!

So that's how I spent $72 dollars on a 60-year-old woman calling me Jakob

TL;DR. I accidentally I spent $72 dollars on a 60-year-old woman calling me Jakob on Pornhub Live

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Lou Williams was partying with Jack Harlow last night

BREAKING NEWS: It was the famous ATL(Lou’s hometown) Strip Club Magic City!



“This is real because the mask that Lou will has on was in the gift bag at the hotel” - u/lakernation21

Yo I seen your post on NBA about Lou.

There’s also a picture of Lou at the club without a mask. I was gonnna make a post about it but you gained hella traction on your post so feel free to add it on as an update haha.


Here’s Lou in the club without the mask smh credit u/creepyactionatlength

Lou Williams was partying with Jack Harlow last night, after being excused to leave the NBA bubble Jack Harlow posted them partying together on his Instagram story. A post which Jack quicky deleted... Probably at Lou’s instruction

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