This flower is just beautiful.

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Seems counterintuitive, but this might be a win-win.

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Proud Momma...

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Don’t be a Hippo-crit

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Princess Diana shaking hands with an AIDS patient without gloves, 1991

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ok ok, you win

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😡 Pumpkin pie

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Walked outside to leave for work today, and some kind individual stole all my wheels... happy holidays!

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LPT: Don’t be afraid to lose people. Be afraid of losing yourself by trying to please everyone around you

This LPT is based on personal experiences and I think it’s kind of self explaining.

I a nutshell many people (including me for a long time) are trying to avoid confrontations with supposed friends and other “related” people, although they are really uncomfortable with the friendships they have.

Not a long time ago I had a friend which had a very negative impact on me in a psychological way and I always believed I had to be there for her but the truth was, she just wanted to feel better by pulling me down. But i wanted to adapt all the time and became more and more losing myself.

You don't always have to adapt! When you feel to lose yourself around certain people be yourself! Name your point of view and don’t be afraid to lose toxic people around you after confronting them.

EDIT: It’s my first post here and I am so overwhelmed by this positive response! Wish you all the best and stay strong!

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TIFU by Accidentally Eating Marijuana Edibles

TL;Dr: My Fiancé bought 60mg peach rings, I woke up at around midnight with a sweet tooth, and ate two of them in a disoriented sleepy state. I had not ever done marijuana until that point, and I got very, very high.

So, My fiancé of two years is a marijuana consumer, she enjoys a good buzz after work, and I enjoy a glass of whiskey and a cigar once a month, that’s just the way we are, she’s happy, I’m happy.

She had always wanted to get me stoned since our first date, since I had never tried marijuana, and I had always promised that our wedding night would be our first time getting high together.

I include this information, because I feel I need to emphasize how unprepared my body was for what happened to me.

Yesterday, I got out of the hospital due to COVID complications, I am feeling about 80% normal I’d say, congested, but normal, and I felt extremely exhausted, so I went to our bedroom and crashed out.

When I awoke, the thirst in my mouth was sandy, and the heat from my body seemed almost leeched entirely into the bed. So I got up, and looked at my phone, as you do, and I see that it’s around 11:30 pm. I walk into my kitchen, and I get myself a giant glass of cold water. My fiancé is on video calls with her friends in the living room, foggy smoke fills the air.

She has Oreos by her, but I am balls out naked, and if I were to go, her webcam would surely capture the shmeat and broadcast it to four women and a flamboyantly gay man enjoying their night.

But I’m sleepy and I want sweets

So in my stupor, I open the snack cupboard, and grab... peach rings, that’s all the bag says on the top, (brand)Peach Rings.

I popped one in my mouth, and grabbed two more, and put the baggy back in the cabinet, and scuttled off, but after the second peach ring, the aftertaste was bitter, I figured they were just sugar free, but because I have a mild allergic reaction to some sweeteners, I decided to go back to read the ingredients on the back of the package:

On the FRONT OF THE BAG it actually says (brand) THC INFUSED peach rings, 60 mg... my initial thoughts weren’t so abnormal, 60 mg sounds like nothing, like if I took a 60 mg ibuprofen that would barely be any ibuprofen, right? So my logic was that it would be like taking almost nothing

So I called my fiancé into the room with me, and I told her what happened, she told me to eat something right away, she ended up warming me up some Chef Boyardee Ravioli, and sat me down at our dining table, and I pulled out my phone to watch something.

Between bites of nuclear tomato sauce and super-processed meat filled pasta, I picked up my phone and went to type “king of the hill” on Hulu.

I got three letters in and suddenly it felt like I had just had my hand in the snow, you know that numb sensation that makes you feel like your hand is a lot fatter or wider than it is? I couldn’t muster the dexterity to type anymore

Then I looked over to my fiancé, and it was like a laggy video game, I moved, but my vision didn’t keep up with my movement, like 30 seconds later I was mentally where my body was.

I could only say what I felt in that moment, a long and whispery “Noooooooooooo~”

That got the attention of my lover, who looked at me and said “how does your nose feel”, which cued me to touch my nose, it felt like it was feet away from my eyes.

From here, my memory gets spotty, but here’s how I remember the rest of the night:

The time on my phone was now 12:45 am

my fiancé tells me to finish my food, and I did, but every bite felt it was minutes long

When I ate all of my ravioli, I said I wanted to go to bed

Suddenly- I am in bed and I look at my phone, it’s 12:50, this upset me, I remember trying to reason with my feelings, because I felt like it should have been much later

My fiancé comes into the bedroom, I ask her how I got there

She laughs

I blink

She’s gone

I call for her

She’s next to the bed now, and I get an overwhelming sense of dread in my gut and chest, everything is spinning

She tells me I’ll be okay, and touches my head

In close my eyes for what feels like a long while, I open them,

She’s still in the same position, over me, playing with my hair.

It’s 1:15 am, and I am relatively lucid, and paranoia is just barely getting his Dick lubed up for me

At some point I wanted to cuddle with my woman, because I felt like I was somewhat safe when we were closely embraced.

from this point forward this is what she says happened

“You wanted me to cuddle but your fever was so hot I couldn’t just spoon you in good conscience, but you tucked your face into my neck and the rest of your body was diagonal across the bed”

“You asked how long the feeling would last, I told you that you weren’t even at your peak yet, and you cried, which is so not you, you don’t cry, which got me panicked”

“You asked me to read the back of the package to you, and when I got up to go get it, you stopped me and asked me where I was going, when I told you, you said okay, then when I got back, you asked me where I went”

“You said thank you for the macaroni about 10 times, and I said you’re welcome, but then I asked /what macaroni/ your final time, which made you talk about how they don’t eat meat sauce on their spaghetti in Italy”

“You told me that if you died of Rona, that you didn’t want me to tell your mom and dad you did weed”

“You asked me to read a Wikipedia article about how to stop a weed overdose, which I couldn’t find because it doesn’t exist”

“I made you chew on black peppercorns, because it makes some people sober up, but you just kept saying you couldn’t taste it”

“At about 2-2:30 am, you just kept asking me how long it had been every 2-5 minutes, then you fell asleep, and you’d wake up and then wake me up periodically to tell me you think it’s going away”

And that’s how it went for an few hours

things I apparently hallucinated while awake and did not dream like I thought I did

The bed filling with water like a waterbed

My sisters coming over but hiding from me

My phone ringing

The window (second story) being tapped on

My dad coming in the room and saying things to me like “I’m disappointed in you”

The room moving in twisty ways, or like I was floating on a boat

in conclusion

It’s now been 16 hours and I still feel a little off

My fiancé says there are things she won’t tell me about my time on my trip, things she wants to keep to herself, she says they aren’t about her or me, but she thinks that they are a big part of who I am, and that she loves me even more because, she says she has seen my realest self

Also, I was in hysterics at a few points in the night, and she doesn’t want me to feel too embarrassed

Thanks for reading.

Edit: This will be my only edit, firstly, thank you for everyone that gave an award, the most I’ve ever gotten in my life.


I cannot express my love for every comment that I have received, and will receive. I am still coming down off of the edibles and this thread has taken me on a completely different trip of its own. A lot of you have stories, a lot of you have said some really encouraging things, some of you have skeptical takes, and all of these things are welcome, to discuss this moment of my life has been extremely rewarding.

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