TIFU by accidently eating and loving pork as a Muslim

So I though that tonight I would treat myself to some Chinese and go to this nice restaurant right next to where I live. At this Chinese restaurant they make you write your order on a piece of paper, hit a button on your desk and then someone comes and collects it and starts to prep your meal. When you are ordering you have to right the number of the dish you want, this makes it simple for them to understand what you want and apparently i can't even do that right. So I pick the goat (for context the number for goat was 15 and the number for pork was 16) I had never seen goat before and was feeling very adventurous tonight, I have also never seen cooked pork either so I was setting myself up for disaster. My 15 must have blended itself into a 16.

As the waiter brings me my food I was on a call and really had to pay attention to what my friend was telling me so I didn't focus on what the waiter said my dish was and just thanked him. As I am eating I am getting this euphoric sort of feeling, I had never expected goat (now knowing pork) to be so amazing, i loved every single mouthful and was contemplating coming back tomorrow to try it again. As I went up to pay I thanked the waiter for such an unforgettable meal (now in more ways then one) and that the goat was amazing. He pauses processing my payment and squints at me, he goes on and says that I had order pork. I look and say that he was wrong and the goat was delicious. I think back and realise how stupid I was and that there was no way that could have been goat. I kind of froze for a while and questioned my life and my faith while other people waited to pay. The worst part is I want to try that again so bad.

TLDR: went to restaurant were you order by writing number down. Tried to order goat (15) but instead order pork (16). Really enjoyed every mouthful and after thanking the waiter for such good goat he told me that I had just in fact had pork

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We all need a friend like this

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I broke my jaw and can't open it or eat solid food for 3 months

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Muhammad Ali, then known as Cassius Clay, in New York. (1963)

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AITA for pulling back from a friendship after not being invited to the wedding

So I (33F) have known Stevie (28F) for about 10 years after meeting via mutual friends, and while we were never 'besties' (ugh), we've always gotten on well as we have quite a lot in common and had the same larger friend group. I've often done favors for Stevie, driven her to places when her car broke down, helped out with dog sitting, never anything massively onerous but just the kind of things you do for friends.

Stevie met her husband about three years ago and got engaged mid 2019, and all of us were really happy for her. I knew she was getting married in January 2020 but as it got closer and I started to see people posting online about preparations, I realised that I wasn't invited. Not to the ceremony, not the dinner, not even the evening party that you shuffle second cousins off to if you don't want them at the dinner.

I wondered whether it was an oversight, since literally all the rest of our friend group were going, but managed to corner one woman who was in the wedding party and ask her about it, and it turned out she'd asked Stevie herself what was going on, and Stevie's response was '*shrug*'.

As far as I know, I have never done anything to offend Stevie or her husband. I wouldn't have expected to be in the wedding party or anything, but I could not for the life of me work out why I wasn't even considered worthy to drink a few glasses of wine with everyone else at the evening party, and frankly it was hurtful. But it's Stevie's choice, and it wasn't an oversight, so I just decided that obviously Stevie didn't consider me a friend after all, and I stopped all communication with her outside of group chats/events. She texted me a couple of times looking for help as usual, but I didn't see the need to respond.

It wasn't much of an issue due to nothing really being open/safe to do, but now that most of our usual group are vaxxed we've started to meet up again, and last week Stevie had a couple of drinks and decided to ask me 'why I never speak to her since her wedding'. I was pissed off, because frankly she should know why, and just said "What wedding?" and walked off. Now apparently I'm the bad guy according to some of our friends (essentially, the women) because I was supposed to pretend everything was fine. The men in the group seem to be siding with me and/or think it's funny.

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[AMA] We are the Rainbow Six Siege Dev Team, ask us anything!

Hey there r/Rainbow6! We know you have a lot of questions about the current state of Siege and it's future, so we brought together a few members of the dev team to give you some answers and insight into what we've got cooking on Siege.

This thread is now open for your questions! Our team will begin answering questions at 2pm ET and will keep answering them until around 4pm ET.

In order to make sure we can focus on your specific questions and get to as many people as possible, we ask that you please ask one question per comment. We'll do our best to reply to as many as possible!

Now, who will be joining us? The following devs will be present to answer your questions:

  • Leroy Athanassoff - Creative Director

  • Mohammed Benhenneda - Business Strategy and Live Performance Director

  • Benjamin Azoulay - Technical Director for Live Operations

  • Paul Vlasie - Technology Director

  • Emmanuel Larive - Player Behaviour Product Owner

  • Aurélie Débant - Game Director

  • Aurélien Chiron - Associate Game Director

  • Christopher Budgen - Associate Game Director

  • Yann Sylvestre - Level Design Director

We can't wait to start digging into this with you and seriously, thanks for taking the time to share your questions with us. It means a LOT and is crucial to charting Siege's future.

See you shortly!

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She stares into your soul

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The drone skills on this advertisement

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You guys really fell for this again?

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Friendly reminder

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