Well that's one way to do it

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Met one of my favorite actors today!

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Same man, same

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Red (Taylor’s Version) Announcement

Details will be amended as information is released

Surprise! Taylor has released details on Red (Taylor’s Version)! Please use this thread for everything Red related. All other threads will be removed.

Album Artwork


Red (Taylor's Version) Track List

  • State of Grace (Taylor’s Version)

  • Red (Taylor’s Version)

  • Treacherous (Taylor’s Version)

  • I Knew You Were Trouble. (Taylor’s Version)

  • All Too Well (Taylor’s Version)

  • 22 (Taylor’s Version)

  • I Almost Do (Taylor’s Version)

  • We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together (Taylor’s Version)

  • Stay Stay Stay (Taylor’s Version)

  • The Last Time (Taylor’s Version)

  • Holy Ground (Taylor’s Version)

  • Sad Beautiful Tragic (Taylor’s Version)

  • The Lucky One (Taylor’s Version)

  • Everything Has Changed (Taylor’s Version)

  • Starlight (Taylor’s Version)

  • Begin Again (Taylor’s Version)

  • The Moment I Knew (Taylor’s Version)

  • Come Back… Be Here (Taylor’s Version)

  • Girl At Home (Taylor’s Version)

Track 20 through 30 are still yet to be confirmed

Subject to change

Red (Taylor's Version) Release Date

  • November 19 2021

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GF promised to watch all three movies for the first time this weekend (Extended Versions).

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Sooo close

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Florida MAGA celebrates Trump's birthday by using his pickup truck to ruin a Pride crosswalk. This Florida MAGA has been arrested, and faces a hate crimes charge.

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LPT: When asked at the last minute to work late or on a weekend, simply reply, "I can't." Don't offer reasons that can be countered, you'd be surprised at how effective it is.

I didn't learn this until my 40s, but I have passed the advice on to my kids and my nephew. My nephew, who was very timid about telling his boss he couldn't work, finally used this tactic and it worked like a charm.

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Face went from zero to bedazzled in .3 seconds

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Swedish fans excited about today's match

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