TIFU by accidentally posting my nudes on my snap story for 8 hours instead of sending them to my husband

So apparently I'm a genuine idiot. My husband and I sometimes send flirty pics back and forth when we haven't gotten to spend much time together because of busy schedules. Last night I was having some drinks while he was at work, but safe to say I was drunk. I took a few photos and went to send them to him, well to what I thought was him, but accidentally pressed the button for my snap story in my drunken haze. I didn't realize, went to sleep, and woke up to the tragedy

Friends, family, co-workers, people from high school, etc. It's like f*cking D-Day. They all had access to my full frontal nudity and vagina on display just right up there for 8 damn hours overnight. I couldn't even bear to look at who all saw it. Excuse me while I go die. I'm just deleting that app from hell and then going to change my name, cut my hair and abandon my life, brb. I don't know how I'm going to recover from the embarrassment, I'm just going to go dark for a few months

TLDR: I was drunk and stupid, went to send flirty nude pics to my husband but accidentally pressed my story. Went to sleep, woke up to seeing what I had done 8 hours later. Friends, family, co-workers, people from high school, etc, are all on the account. I'm going to change my name and move to recover from the embarrassment

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Only 24 more hours, so I made this to pass the time

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Your average racist UK football fan starter pack

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I’m going to stop tipping.

Tonight was the breaking point for tipping and me.

First, when to a nice brewery and overpaid for luke warm beer on a patio served in a plastic glass. When I settled up the options were 18%, 20%, and 25%. Which is insane. The effort for the server to bring me two beers was roughly 4 minutes over an hour. That is was $3 dollars for 4 minutes of work (or roughly $45 per hour - I realize they have to turn tables to get tipped but you get my point). Plus the POS machine asked for a tip after tax, but it is unlikely the server themselves will pay tax on the tip.

Second, grabbed takeout food from a Greek spot. Service took about 5 minutes and again the options were 20%, 22%, and 25%. The takeout that they shoveled into a container from a heat tray was good and I left a 15% tip, which caused the server to look pretty annoyed at me. Again, this is a hole in the wall place with no tip out to the kitchen / bartender.

Tipping culture is just bonkers and it really seems to be getting worst. I’ve even seen a physio clinic have a tip option recently. They claimed it was for other services they off like deep tissue massage but also didn’t skip the tip prompt when handing me the terminal. Can’t wait until my dental hygienist asks for a tip or the doctor who checks my hemroids.

We are subsidizing wages and allowing employers to pass the buck onto customers. The system is broken and really needs an overhaul. Also, if I don’t tip a delivery driver I worry they will fuck with my food. I realize that is an irrational fear, but you get my point.

Ultimately, I would love people to be paid a living wage. Hell, I’d happy pay more for eating out if I didn’t have to tip. Yet, when I don’t tip I’m suddenly a huge asshole.

I’m just going to stop eating out or be that asshole who doesn’t tip going forward.

Edit: Holy poop. This really took off. And my inbox is under siege.

Thank you to everyone who commented, shared an opinion, agreed or disagreed, or even those who called me an asshole!

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[Image] One step at a time.

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Smallest number

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When bum scratches are life

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Famous spy

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They suffer from heat too

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