What the actual fuck netflix

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USP-S | Flat Rate (Factory new)

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Less than 2 days after moving in, one of my roommates scratched my new, nonstick pan with metal utensils

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How is porn addiction not a more talked about issue?

I've been reading posts about it and I'm starting to think I've been a porn addict since my early teens. I know a lot of other guys too who I'm sure are addicted.

I remember before I started heavily abusing it and myself I had 0 expectations and such a strong sex drive. I'd be fully erect just sitting beside a girl in my teens and now I'm 30 and have trouble maintaining an erection while I'm inside someone. I would hang out with girls just for their company and now its just to try and have sex just for the sake of having sex.

Porn has made me so toxic in relationships, I just want to go back to the guy who enjoys the company of others rather than a guy trying to bang the hottest freak he can. I met a girl and been so busy trying to impress her, I haven't really had time to watch porn and obsess about sex. I think I'm going to give it up completely.

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A Tale of Two Leaders

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Every family member needs to be in a photo

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Caught this incredible exploding meteor when I went to Rattlesnake Lake in Washington, USA last weekend. Zoom in to see the exact moment it explodes in two. [OC] [3300 x 4960]

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“Lee gave his life so someone can live.” Grandpa’s war buddy late 1960s. Found in his keepsake box.

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Cloud9 vs. FlyQuest / LCS 2020 Summer Playoffs - Winners Bracket Round 2 / Post-Match Discussion


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Cloud9 1-3 FlyQuest

Congratulations to FlyQuest for locking a spot at the World Championships! C9 must play through the loser's bracket in order to qualify for Worlds.
Player of the Series: Santorin

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FLY | Leaguepedia | Liquipedia | Discord | Website | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Subreddit

MATCH 1: C9 vs. FLY

Winner: FlyQuest in 30m
Runes | Match History | Game Breakdown

Bans 1Bans 2GKTD/B
C9trundle graves caitlynorianna leblanc47.4k42None
FLYkalista olaf settjayce gangplank58.5k1811M1 H2 O3 H4 C5 B6
Licorice vladimir 31-3-3TOP1-1-133 shen Solo
Blaber nocturne 32-7-2JNG3-2-101 Lillia Santorin
Nisqy twisted fate 20-3-4MID7-0-94 azir PowerOfEvil
Zven ezreal 11-3-1BOT6-0-91 ashe WildTurtle
Vulcan yuumi 20-2-2SUP1-1-112 thresh IgNar

MATCH 2: C9 vs. FLY

Winner: Cloud9 in 27m
Runes | Match History | Game Breakdown

Bans 1Bans 2GKTD/B
C9Lillia graves caitlynorianna corki51.0k167C1 H4 I7
FLYkalista olaf kalistatrundle twisted fate46.3k151B2 O3 I5 B6
Licorice gangplank 22-1-8TOP2-3-93 shen Solo
Blaber lee sin 32-4-8JNG3-3-102 volibear Santorin
Nisqy akali 33-6-9MID6-3-54 leblanc PowerOfEvil
Zven ezreal 17-2-5BOT4-3-31 ashe WildTurtle
Vulcan yuumi 22-2-10SUP0-4-111 thresh IgNar

MATCH 3: FLY vs. C9

Winner: FlyQuest in 45m
Runes | Match History | Game Breakdown

Bans 1Bans 2GKTD/B
FLYkalista olaf twisted fatelee sin akali80.0k1311C1 H2 O3 H5 M8 M9 B10 M11 E12 B13
C9Lillia sett caitlynleblanc thresh77.4k136M4 M6 B7
Solo shen 20-5-11TOP4-4-42 gangplank Licorice
Santorin graves 16-2-5JNG3-2-43 gragas Blaber
PowerOfEvil azir 34-3-7MID2-2-64 zoe Nisqy
WildTurtle senna 23-1-10BOT4-4-61 ezreal Zven
IgNar nautilus 30-2-7SUP0-1-111 yuumi Vulcan

MATCH 4: C9 vs. FLY

Winner: FlyQuest in 37m
Runes | Match History | Game Breakdown

Bans 1Bans 2GKTD/B
C9Lillia graves caitlynleblanc azir61.5k84H2 H4
FLYkalista olaf setttrundle akali66.9k1111C1 M3 I5 I6 E7 B8
Licorice gangplank 24-0-5TOP4-2-31 shen Solo
Blaber lee sin 33-3-3JNG6-1-32 volibear Santorin
Nisqy zoe 31-2-5MID0-3-94 malzahar PowerOfEvil
Zven ezreal 11-5-2BOT1-0-91 senna WildTurtle
Vulcan yuumi 20-1-3SUP0-3-73 rakan IgNar

This thread was created by the Post-Match Team.

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