Anyone in the mood for a derping ferret?

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[ESPN] Anthony Edwards says he can't watch basketball, would rather play in the NFL, and is an "aspiring rapper"

He says he doesn't think about being the first player taken. He'll be ready when the time comes, but "other than that, I don't even care."

"To be honest," he says, "I can't watch basketball."

He retells the story about the first time he dunked and how it signaled to him that he was talented and could accomplish something he might not have been able to in football, which was his first love. So that's the direction he went, simple as that, hanging up his cleats. "That's all I needed to see," he says.

So when after that did he get into basketball?

"I'm still not really into it," he says. "I love basketball, yeah. It's what I do."

He's not entirely convincing. He says if he were drafted by the NFL tomorrow, he'd let basketball go. "Because you can do anything on the field," he explains. "You can spike the ball. You can dance. You can do all type of disrespectful stuff." In the NBA, he says, "you can't do any of that. You'll get fined."

He goes on to say that he's an aspiring rapper. He's already recorded a few tracks with his older brother Bubba. So, like Damian Lillard? "But I really can rap," he says. "Dame, talking about -- I don't know what he's talking about. I'm rapping like Lil Baby." He says he won't release any songs until he's established in the NBA.

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Let’s protest paying taxes this year y’all, who’s in?

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sneaky deals damage in the preseason

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Disliking your own country with valid reasoning should be recognised as a respectable opinion.

I'm a 16 year old male from Greece. Throughout my life I've been constantly hearing how great our nation is and everyone else is just way behind. But I never saw it that way. I had the privilege to travel to many countries across Europe and with each new travel my opinion about this strengthened.

I was recently involved in an argument among friends and they just couldn't respect it. Don't get me wrong I acknowledge the wonders of ancient Greece but after this era my feelings for the following events are mixed.

I also want to point out that I don't want to imply that other countries are perfect, everyone has its fair share of issues but presenting your own country as superior and ideal seems very close minded for me.

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Guy gets a little too mad over road rager

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Prodigy Kid with Mind Boggling Calculations

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Cat communicates with its deaf owner using sign language

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If the label says soap, it works everywhere.

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