now that's alot of damage, to the relationship

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The Console argument

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Kill Bill's Gogo . . . but with fire

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I just blocked my own wife on Facebook

I've always been a $40k/yr guy. No education. We've been married 20 years. 2017, I landed a mediocre job that paid $70/k do to oil industry shit that I'll never understand.

I told her it would be short lived.

2019, we buy a house.

2020, I lose the job. I collect unemployment for a month, then go to work in a warehouse for $15/hr. She gets a job there to at the same wage.

Sweet. Both of us combined make what I used to make. We'll be fine. She says it's fine cause she'll do anything to keep the house.

After a week, she decides she can't handle working 40 hours a week, so she makes this... post.. on Facebook talking down on me for not doing enough for my family after she quits the job.

I wanted to reply, but don't wanna be "that guy" on Facebook, so I blocked her.

I'm ranting right now, cause I'm drunk and thinking of just walking away.

I feel like she's totally in the wrong for being too lazy to work a 40 hour week.

She thinks she does enough at home...

Normally, I would agree, but she doesn't do shit. The house is trashed when I get home. She's usually stoned and drunk and doesn't even know where our 9 year old daughter is.

"She's at the neighbor kids house" is her usual response..

I just wanna leave this bitch but don't know how.

Thanks for listening Reddit.

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It ain't much but its something.

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I was told on a couple of art subreddits you all might appreciate my art.

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Guy buying birds then releasing them.

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Make Orcs great again.

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[TLOU2] These rope physics are so good

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