PSA: do not have sex with men who argue about wearing a condom

Even if they agree after you tell them that there will be no sex then.

Men who argue about not wearing a condom are always douchebags who will be trying out your boundaries. They aren’t always abusers, but they are ALWAYS selfish and inconsiderate. They treat their pleasure over your own safety and boundaries.

Even if they agree after a while, think about it: how many women they convinced to fuck raw before you? And how many of these women were similarly convinced by men before him?

Which means sex with them is a risk even with a condom. Besides, there is possibility of them stealthing you since they already proven they don’t care about your safety and consent.

Arguing about wearing a condom is a huge red flag, especially if you don’t know this man very well.

Stay safe.

Edit: as for men who cannot get it up or keep it up with a condom — how is that a woman's problem? There are things men can do — go to a doctor, take pills, treat their porn addiction that killed all nerve endings in their dick, stop smoking, get fit. Or maybe nature should take its course and they shouldn't be having sex at all.

Women, start caring about your own pleasure and comfort, and trust me — sex with a guy who has erection problems isn't worth it. Your health and safety is worth more than their ego.

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Wifey saw a desk she wanted for $150, I said I could make that for half the price and twice as good, $300 later here is the result

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My [27/F] wife put my [26/M] cat to sleep without my permission or knowledge.

My cat Willy has been in my family since I was in HS. he was my bestfriend and only reason I never killed myself.

While I was in the hospital with Covid-19 my cat got very sick. My wife took him to the vet and we were told he needed major surgery. This would cost a lot of money but, I had an emergency fund for exactly this sort of emergency. She didn't schedule it and didn't want to pay for it. She wanted a second opinion but, her second opinion was put him to sleep. She had been lying to me for days saying he was fine and the surgery would be scheduled. I knew something had happened but, I couldn't verify because I was in the Hospital. After I got discharged the first thing I did was look for him. Guess what? He was dead. She put him to sleep. She used the money to put a down payment on a new car.

I really wanted to hit her. He was my buddy, my best friend, family and he was gone. She claims it was the only choice and spending $8k on a cat is absurd. She claims the Vet told her it was more humane. But, the Vet she went too was not our Vet and I did not trust. She didn't even bother asking me or telling me. She did it without my consent or knowledge. Getting a new car was more beneficial then spending a lot of money on an old cat.

It's been two days and I kicked her out. I don't know what to do. I loved my Cat more then anything. he was my son, my bestfriend and now he's gone.

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This Is A C-130 That Was Specially Modified To Land In A Stadium And Rescue Hostages In Iran In 1980:

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This is a broken man.

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When you wanted a German Shepherd but ended up with a kangaroo

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I'm moving out of Pakistan RIGHT NOW

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Since everyone is so misinformed about Cuties, Let me give you the facts

I like movies, especially Indie movies, (16 F) I saw this movie when it FIRST released pre-corona. It was NOT sexual, IT DID NOT SEXUALIZE LITTLE GIRLS, if anything it did essentially the opposite. The ORIGINAL version was a story of a girl who was unpopular and felt left out, she was trying to develop and mature, she found herself with a group of girls who were trying REALLY hard to be more than they really were, by the end of the movie, she realizes those girls were pretty toxic, and regrets the things she did, SO MUCH SO she LEAVES those people behind and begins to mature.

This movie ORIGINALLY did NOT sexualize little girls, HOWEVER, I DONT KNOW WHAT BULLSHIT NETFLIX JUST PULLED OUT OF THEIR ASS. Like I just mentioned, this movie is about a girl maturing, by realizing growing up too fast IS BAD. Again, this was not ORIGINALLY a netflix movie. The orig creators, are not pedos because again the orig story is not sexual. Some executive at netflix liked the movie and offered to buy the movie and redistribute, however this gives netflix the where with all to control what the film THEY distribute will be like, they have access to archive footage, and for all i know, they could have completely remade the film completely out of control by the orig creators. Like i’ve said, that poster, that trailer. Disgusting. The orig movie, very wholesome.

All of this is to say. Be informed on what ur talking about before u start criticizing others. This is WHY we are redditors, to laugh at people who jump to conclusions and make assumptions. (Coughs in Instagram) and also, to make people realize NETFLIX IS AT FAULT, not the ORIGINAL CREATORS, or people who like the ORIGINAL movie.

Edit1: Alright, first I just want to say, I went to sleep last night with 20 updoots and a bit over a dozen comments, and woke up to ALL of this! First Off for everyone who understood and was able to RECEIVE the information I gave, THANK YOU and I really appreciate you!

If you aren’t one of those people. Read this...

Alright, you guys are SOOO against the idea that this movie is wholesome at heart, that you have to go and scavenge for ANYTHING to try and prove your point. A lot of people on reddit know, PEOPLE LIKE ANONYMITY ON REDDIT. All the other posts you are trying to pulll up, are me trying to keep that Anonymity. So Chile, stop.

Edit2: Ok, how about this, so someone make a group chat with me and all the people who think im 30, and ill show u a photo of my Id.

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An Intriguing Title

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3 years ago today, the US president thought it was 100% appropriate to stare directly at the sun

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