This bathroom hand washing area with mirrors in the shape of sunglasses.

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Welcome to the subreddit of the current ENGLISH, EUROPEAN and WORLD CHAMPIONS

1stLIVERPOOL FC31+4986
2ndManchester City31+4463

We currently have 86 points, the best City can manage now is 84.

Seven games to go, let's destroy Pep's record of 100 points - we can get a maximum of 107!

This is earliest title win in terms of games played, we are champions with seven games to go. The previous record was five games to go, held jointly by Manchester United (2000-01) and Manchester City (2017-18). Thank you to u/ThatReputation8 for that stat.

However in terms of date, this is by far the latest title win - 25 June.

To celebrate ending 30 years of hurt we have two new community awards, "BOOM!" and "Never Give Up". A big thank you to u/Khalid147 for designing the BOOM! award.

However, if you have not already bought Reddit coins, why not use u/lashfield's idea and donate to charity instead.

He's a little thank you to Chelsea for tonight... Six European Cups and 19 Leagues, that’s what we call history!

Obviously all thank yous actually and rightfully go to FSG, Jurgen Klopp, all the players and staff at the club, and of course all the fans that never lost faith.


Our next game (as champions) will be away at second place Manchester City on Thursday 2nd July, where of course Sterling and co will be giving us a guard of honour.

Hendo’s tippy taps will most likely be on our final home game of the season against Chelsea.

Party hard Reds, but remember to stay safe.


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"dEfEnDiNg YoUrSeLf Is ThE sAmE aS fIgHtInG"

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IM TYRONE! Sent this to my buddy.

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Southern hemisphere players be like:

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Turned 2000m of yarn into a blanket! :)

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I think one’s enough

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What is this thing? It perfectly fits in each other and there was some sort of liquid in it

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Spent the last two months exercising, eating well, getting in shape. Sunday was my first organized soccer game in ten years. 35 minutes in and I partially tore my quad. Shit.

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My daughter has been asking for a dog for years. Finally surprised her with a 10 week old puppy. Her reaction says it all.

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