Pewdiepie fans are toxic as shit

Every time you criticize pewds or anyone that supports him the fan base goes ape shit. The majority of his fans are just a circle jerk that laugh at the same few jokes. As someone that watches his videos it’s getting increasingly harder to enjoy his content. It’s okay if you like his content or wear the shirts, just don’t act like a four year old in the supermarket where they’re mom doesn’t get they’re favorite cereal whenever someone has a deferent opinion as you.

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Sometimes your day just won't go right

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UPDATE: My girlfriend (25F) repeatedly insists that I 're-do' my proposal over and over. I'm running out of patience.

Original post here:

Thank you to everybody for your advice. I actually wrote this post yesterday but it was too soon to post an update. There are a lot of people calling my girlfriend a 'future bridezilla', and while my post may have made her seem demanding, I'd just like to clarify that she really is my best friend and a great person. There's no chance of us breaking up.

Saying that, after thinking a lot about the responses I received, I decided to sit my girlfriend down and draw a line in the sand. I told her that after 4 proposals, I'm lost and confused as to what she wants, and if she has a 'dream proposal' in mind she had to tell me exactly what she wants so I could make this work.

My girlfriend looked somewhat nervous at that so I pushed her to communicate properly. She apologised again for not accepting my proposals earlier, but said that in 2019 she was still testing out our relationship and so when I asked her to marry me, she said 'try again' rather than yes in the hope that I'd wait longer. From her perspective, while she had responded positively to the idea of marriage prior to this, it had still been too soon for real engagement. I will admit that I'm not the best at reading social subtext if it's not stated directly so I could have missed the implication when she asked for a different proposal.

When I later asked her in February, she knew I was the one but was telling the truth about being too anxious to consider marriage.

She actually confessed that she's planning on proposing to ME later this year, sometime around when we were planning to fly to my home country. She had been trying to keep it a surprise, but we've now agreed that it's better we're both on the same page when it comes to proposing. We've decided that we're both going to sit down and work together to make the proposal special for both of us.

TL;DR: I sat my GF down to talk and we're going to work this out together. We're still not engaged but it's something in both of our futures.

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LPT: if you offer someone a drink and they say they don’t drink, unless you’re very close with this person, just let it go. Asking them why they don’t drink could make them uncomfortable, or give them unwanted attention.

People stop drinking for a lot of reasons, but often when asked why they suddenly find themselves being questioned, doubted, and that others around them accuse them of judging their own drinking.

If you just say “ok” and move on, you could be preventing a potentially awkward or uncomfortable situation.

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The Pubs are Reopening in Britain. It's gonna be a crazy night.

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A girl walks away just because he offers to take her to Applebee's

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Mother films her kids as they damage art installation. The piece was created from individual strands of glass and took 27 months to complete.

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Man gets out of his car to sucker punch dancing 12 year old

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The entire city of LA giving a middle finger to the banning of fireworks this year.

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