This pencil drawing took me over 250 hours to complete.

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The good old times

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BREAKING: Dow falls 240 points as Trump calls off coronavirus stimulus talks until after election

Very stable genius, good for the market, smart businessman, etc. etc.,

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Seen in Portland, Maine.

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Celebrities are people too

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Life is all about growth 🍝

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Megathread: President Donald Trump Announces an End to Stimulus Talks Until After Election

President Donald Trump told his negotiators to stop talks with Democratic leaders on a fiscal stimulus package, hours after Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell’s strongest call yet for greater spending to shore up the economic recovery.

"I have instructed my representatives to stop negotiating until after the election when, immediately after I win, we will pass a major Stimulus Bill that focuses on hardworking Americans and Small Business," Trump said Tuesday in a tweet.

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This I can relate to

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I wouldnt pay a cent for Reddit Premium, but i would pay for a "No US Politics" filter

I cant browse any Subreddit ever without being bombarded with US politics. Obviously exaggerating but i wouldnt care much if the entire continent sank into the ocean, and i certainly dont care if some very questionable individual that noone outside of the US ever heard of said even more questionable stuff on Twitter for the 100th time. Tucker Carlson, Bill Burr, Mitch Mcconnel and whatnot, i hate the fact that i even know these names because i have been spammed into oblivion by this website with this spam.

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Team SoloMid vs. LGD Gaming / 2020 World Championship - Group C / Post-Match Discussion


Official page | Leaguepedia | Liquipedia | Live Discussion | | New to LoL

Team SoloMid 0-1 LGD Gaming

TSM | Leaguepedia | Liquipedia | Discord | Website | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Subreddit
LGD | Leaguepedia | Liquipedia | Website | Twitter | Facebook


Winner: LGD Gaming in 37m
Match History | Game Breakdown

Bans 1Bans 2GKTD/B
TSMkindred nidalee ornnleona sylas59.1k103H1 M2 I7
LGDlucian caitlyn twisted fatetwitch jhin67.9k219O3 H4 I5 I6
Broken Blade shen 23-4-4TOP5-2-81 renekton Langx
Spica graves 11-4-4JNG4-1-102 lillia Peanut
Bjergsen leblanc 22-4-4MID8-1-83 orianna xiye
Doublelift ezreal 34-5-1BOT2-3-121 senna Kramer
Biofrost bard 30-4-7SUP2-3-94 nautilus Mark

This thread was created by the Post-Match Team.

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