UPDATE: Riot extorts League of Legends legacy version fan project, forces it to shut down

For reference here is the OP:


TL;DR: They have now been served legal notice. Proving prior messages on discord were real.

EDIT: r/leagueoflegends said they deleted the OP from their subreddit because it didn't have proof. Now with proof they are still deleting this update.

At this point one of the Developers has received a letter from Riot's lawyers proving that the extremely unprofessional messages sent over discord were actually from Riot. It also demands the source code again, which is the property of the developers. I'll post the relevant imgur links at the bottom. Here are some quotes from the original discord convo:

You've obviously put a lot of work into Chrono shift, but I assure you that the Chrono break is coming.

and of course:

Give [all your source code, website, identifiable information of you and other devs] or we will sue

This absolute zinger

I'm on the security team. I find people and things.

This project did not accept money in any form, it was simply a fan made remake of old league as a sort of "time capsule". In the letter Riot says that Chronoshift is hurting Riot's income, yet Riot themselves stated they wouldn't remake old League because they didn't see the financial value in it.


the opportunity cost of that work is probably pretty expensive

This is completely contradictory. In fact they go on to say they wouldn't be against the idea:

So philosophically, we aren’t opposed to playing an older version of LoL, and it might be fun for a short period of time...but there is a good chance it’s not worth the development effort that it would take.

DotA has a similar project, and even League of Legends itself was based on a mod of another game. League itself exists because of communities like Chronoshift.

Riot had (and has) the opportunity to be the company that they claim to be; where they care about the community. They don't even have to support Chronoshift, like Valve supports the DotA patch remake, they could simply let it be.

If Classic League wasn't going to make Riot money, so they didn't build it. Then why go all out legally against a small community of die-hard fans doing just that and claiming it's because it hurts Riot's income?

Letter page 1: [Removed at request of Chronoshift Developers]

Letter page 2: [Removed at request of Chronoshift Developers]

Discord Convo: https://i.imgur.com/GnWdEmT.png

EDIT 2: https://www.reddit.com/r/pcgaming/comments/mzched/update_riot_extorts_league_of_legends_legacy/gw04vsz/

Good summary of why this is silly

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List of Russia's "unfriendly countries" according to Russian state TV

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All the Tormund

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Heartwarming ❤️

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The Dude's got Priorities. Let the Dude do his thing.

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A very interesting question

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If your kids have contraceptives, do NOT take it from them.

I am a mother to a 17 year old, he graduates this year, college in the fall. He’s been dating a girl for 2 years. I found condoms in his room. We’re an Iranian American family. Sex at a young age is frowned upon. I’ve always felt if you can’t wait til marriage, at least wait til out of your teens (20) I took his condoms, took his card so he couldn’t buy more, and took his car thinking that would stop them from having sex........

He will be a daddy in 8 months and I will be a grandmother at 42.

Lesson learned, although lesson learned too late.

Parents aren’t perfect, especially those of us from such traditional backgrounds. But I realize now where I went wrong. I have a younger daughter and I now know to be better when she is around my son’s age. Looking back, I do wish I would have just been glad he was practicing safe sex instead of trying to punish him because teenagers will find a way. He is nearly an adult, and I reacted as if he was 13. But parenting doesn’t come with any instructions. It is hard to accept your babies grow up.

So I admit my mistake.

We live, and we learn.

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YSK that Google maps will no longer always show you the fastest route to your destination by default.

Why YSK: it's a pain having to remember to check and select the faster route. Google maps is starting to default to displaying the route with the lightest emissions rather than the shortest travel time. Apparently it's only when the ETA for both routes is similar, but nearly 10 minutes is significant for my morning commute.

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Sister spilled chili on my keyboard...just bought it last week for $90...

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