Husband dies inside when wife pranks him by calling him by his name

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This is never a good idea

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I just spent my first year as a free man after being wrongfully convicted and incarcerated for 23 years. AMA

I'm Ricky Kidd. In 1997, I was sentenced to life without the possibility of parole for double homicide — a crime I didn’t commit. I couldn’t afford a lawyer, and the public defender I was assigned didn’t have time or the resources to prove my innocence. I spent 23 years behind bars trying to prove the things my public defender should have found in the first place. In August of 2019, a judge ruled that I was innocent and released me. After I got out, I started "I Am Resilience," an organization that raises awareness about those who have been wrongly convicted. Last month, I got married and, in December, we're expecting a baby daughter.

And I’m Sean O’Brien, a law professor at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. With the help of UMKC clinical students and my co-counsel, Cindy Dodge, I represented Ricky for more than a decade and eventually got him released last year. I’ve spent decades working to overturn wrongful convictions, especially for inmates on death row. Before that I was the chief public defender in Kansas City, Missouri, from 1985 through 1989.

Ricky’s story and how it illustrates the greater crisis in America’s public defender systems was the subject of a PBS NewsHour podcast called “Broken Justice,” released last year. In October, about a year after Ricky was released, producer Frank Carlson checked in with him for a special episode. Subscribe, download and leave a comment wherever you get your podcasts.



Ricky: I’m happy that we had this time! It is always fun to be with the PBS NewsHour team, along with the one individual who first believed in me, who ultimately never left my side until I came home. A fun and exciting year it has been and looking forward to the next chapter with I Am Resilience/new baby/marriage/purposed living. Feel free to listen to "Broken Justice" if you haven’t had a chance, and if you would like to support and participate in the next chapter forward for me, feel free to follow this link and share as much as possible:

Sean: In closing: Until we reform indigent defense systems, this story will play out over and over again. There are lots of ways to get involved, and lots of good people trying to change the system. Find out who is doing the work in your community, and support them. Sister Helen Prejean says if all you can do is bake a pie, bake a pie and bring it to a meeting! I'm happy to say Ricky's team was kept well-fed by people who care.

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I wish I had access to participate in this one...

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Panic buying is happening again. Why can't people fucking behave

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Once someone agrees with you and acknowledges their mistake, that's your cue to shut up.

This one makes me rage sometimes. So there you are, having made some sort of mistake.

For hypotheticals lets pretend you forgot to put your mask on before going into Walmart. (This isn't about masks dont make it about masks, just using an example).

"Sir you need to have a mask on." (Acceptable)

"Why yes here it is, I'm so sorry I forgot. You're right." (Puts on mask)

We are officially done here.

"Well you see theres a pandemic going on....." (wrong. The conversation is over)

"Yeah, you're right I'm sorry man." (Acknowledged twice now, problem corrected! We are done now.)

"When you dont have a mask on you can infect other people...." (why the fuck are you still talking)

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LIAN LI O11 DYNAMIC MINI Giveaway with Buildapc

Hey! It’s u/lianliofficial!

Today is the release of the O11 DYNAMIC MINI and we thought, why not give the guys with a passion for building PCs a chance to win it?! We’ve prepared some nice bundles and a bunch of UNI FANs for the occasion, so if you like free stuff, follow the steps below. Thanks for your support everyone and best of luck!


Prizes - 7 winners:

Grand Prize 1: O11D Mini White + Galahad AIO 240 White + UNI FAN 3 pack White

Grand Prize 2: O11D Mini Black + Galahad AIO 240 Black + UNI FAN 3 pack Black

Additional 5 prizes: UNI FAN 3 pack, black or white


Product Pages


How to Enter?

  • Leave a comment on this post about your current build + any future upgrades – or – if you don't have one yet, tell us what your upcoming build would be.

  • Fill in this google form


The Minor Details

  • Giveaway ends on November 27th 2020 11:59 PM EST

  • Giveaway is open worldwide

  • Both entries must be completed to qualify

  • Reddit account must be must be older than November 13th 2020 08:00 AM EST to qualify

  • Winners will be selected randomly and will be announced here at r/buildapc

  • Prizes will be sent towards the end of December

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Cancel Student Debt

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G2 LoL Roster Announcement

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Bwipo wont be appearing on Crack Down or Summoning Insight anymore.

Thorin just announced on Twitter that Bwipo will be blacklisted from his content

Since Bwipo insisted on publicly siding with the liars I'll do this publicly too. His name is added to the blacklist. You won't see me appear in content with him.

Fuck anyone who appeases liars who aim to do the careers of me and my friends harm unjustly!

This is likely comes as reaction to parts of Bwipos Twitter longer where he stated.

The third error, was not standing up for the Korean people that are not homophobic, racist, or anything remotely close during a recent podcast aired on the 18th of November. I was present in a podcast where statements that could be construed as such were discussed. I am uneducated on the subject, and lack knowledge of the culture to discuss such a matter. However, this is no excuse to sit there and accept the generalization of Korean culture when voiced by other people. Though I had already understood that before making this statement, I have failed on this front during the podcast. I apologize.

This can be seen from Thorins retweets of these 2 tweets Here and Here

As a viewer this kind of drama is always sad to see because Bwipo has always been entertaining guest on shows.

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