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Update: Albums slowly coming together...

Atlantic Division

TeamTwitter LinkImgur Album (Coming Soon)
Boston BruinsLinkAlbum
Buffalo SabresLinkAlbum
Detroit Red WingsLinkAlbum
Florida PanthersLinkAlbum
Montreal CanadiensLinkAlbum
Ottawa SenatorsLinkAlbum
Tampa Bay LightningLinkAlbum
Toronto Maple LeafsLinkAlbum

Central Divison

TeamTwitter LinkImgur Album (Coming Soon)
Chicago BlackhawksLinkAlbum
Colorado AvalancheLinkAlbum
Dallas StarsLinkAlbum
Minnesota WildLinkAlbum
Nashville PredatorsLinkAlbum
St. Louis BluesLinkAlbum
Winnipeg JetsLinkAlbum

Metropolitan Division

TeamTwitter LinkImgur Album (Coming Soon)
Carolina HurricanesLinkAlbum
Columbus Blue JacketsLinkAlbum
New Jersey DevilsLinkAlbum
New York IslandersLinkAlbum
New York RangersLinkAlbum
Philadelphia FlyersLinkAlbum
Pittsburgh PenguinsLinkAlbum
Washington CapitalsLinkAlbum

Pacific Division

TeamTwitter LinkImgur Album (Coming Soon)
Anaheim DucksLinkAlbum
Arizona CoyotesLinkAlbum
Calgary FlamesLinkAlbum
Edmonton OilersLinkAlbum
Los Angeles KingsLinkAlbum
San Jose SharksLinkAlbum
Vancouver CanucksLinkAlbum
Vegas Golden KnightsLinkAlbum

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Took this photo of my cat this summer, love how the sunlight brought out the green in his eyes – hope it brightens your day

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“I would like to loan you that money but my girl gon leave me bro”

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Been gaming with this dude for 15 years. Since Rainbow Six Vegas on 360. I have some good gaming memories with him. He tried but couldn’t get one. Little did he know I was able to get him one. Looking forward to playing another generation with him.

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For the dodgeball scene of Billy Madison (1995), Adam was really hitting the kids as hard as he could, because "hurting kids is funny". The director cut right before they started crying. Some of the parents got upset with him.

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badly made with Paint 3D

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Can someone plz explain what is happening.

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CMV: Republicans will hate Biden no matter what he does...

I believe Republicans will hate Biden no matter what. Even if he doesn't take away their guns, even if he establishes rural broadband (which would disproportionately help them), even if he implements universal healthcare without raising taxes on the middle/lower class,,... Republicans will find something to hate about him.

The reason I believe this is because it seems like Trump supporters are genuinely part of a cult. Even when Trump does something against their own principles, like a bum stock ban or raising the deficit significantly for example, he doesn't face even an iota of criticism from his own side. Recently, Trump supporters are even calling to abandon Fox News and move on to more right-wing networks like OAN, or get Trump and Tucker Carlson their own shows. This is all because Fox News refuses to irresponsibly platform election disinformation. It seems like they never cared about being politically informed or wanting what's best for this country, they just want to be fed what they want to hear, and they just want their side to win and trigger the other side.

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Facts are facts

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