if you hate the bad guy that much that means the actor did a good job

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Blursed Power Rangers

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Look at how awesome humans are!

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Basement Cannabis farm busted

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My eyes are falling out of my head in the second panel

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Thanks grandma :D

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After sharing this today, Redditors flooded One Simple Wish and crashed their website with bear hugs, over $25K worth of wishes fulfilled! You Redditors rock!

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Sheepdog stands its ground

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Ethan Klein tricks conservative pundit Steven Crowder into showing up to a debate with Sam Seder, who Crowder has been supposedly dodging for a while. /r/louderwithcrowder and /r/H3H3 reacts.

It's hard to find too much in r/louderwithcrowder since the mods keep deleting threads, but the good news is you can still find them by looking through people's profiles so first up we'll take a look at this thread

Scroll down to the bottom and uh wow, that's a lot of downvoted comments. Time for some digging.

Ethan pulled out the libtard grab bag of insults literally in the intro. "Racist, homophobic, he checks every box". Some of the follow-up comments include "Damn you sound offended, maybe this isn't the sub for you" and "Worshiping beta cuck boys Can't even follow your own rules"

Lmao the cope you are giving off is amazing

There's also a slew of people posting memes about Crowder over time such as https://www.reddit.com/r/LouderWithCrowder/comments/o5ly6u/brave_brave_sir_crowder/ but as I said these are harder to find since they're getting deleted by the mods.

Now it's time for r/h3h3productions which has been a bit more open about allowing posts so drama is easier to find.

Oh lookie, a /r/negativewithgold comment with quite a few replies

"Ethan never disappoints in proving how much of an ignorant to reality idiot he really is."

Ok I'm done finding examples there's way too much to cover so just scroll through these subs and threads for a minute and you'll find much more arguing and insulting than I could possibly fit on here.

Edit: Looks like this thread isn't getting deleted and well 433 comments with 2 karma says enough on its own https://www.reddit.com/r/LouderWithCrowder/comments/o5d4h3/we_get_it_there_was_apparently_a_debate_today/

Second Edit: Getting a lot of requests asking "Who?". Sam Seder runs a progressive youtube channel known as The Majority Report, Ethan Klein runs H3H3productions a very popular comedy channel that has been around for ages and Steven Crowder is a conservative youtuber/interviewer who you might have seen in those "change my mind" memes before.

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