This Is Not A $70 Product.

  • 8 multiplayer maps, one of which is a miniature repeat of a frankly dreadful map.

  • 1 zombies map.

  • 27 weapons in total including all side-arms.

  • Total abandonment of 3 lane maps in favor of a load of Euphrates Bridges.

  • Awful PC optimisation.

  • Nowhere near 60fps on previous-gen consoles.

  • Bad tickrate causing ghosting and "shoot first, die first" situations.

  • Incredibly poor hit detection, especially noticeable on snipers even with stationary targets.

  • Very poor zombies performance across the board.

  • The worst implementation of aim assist I've ever seen in a shooter.

  • Potentially the worst visibility in any Call of Duty game yet.

  • Dualshock 4 support is abysmal thanks to the disconnect bug.

  • Glitches that force you to restart your game or entire console.

  • Zombies and Campaign sometimes straight up can't be accessed.

  • Content coming after that shows a heavy focus on appeasing Warzone players.

This isn't a rage post. This is just taking note of how ridiculous it is to give this game a next-gen price when it's obvious that no more effort went in to making it (and less in some cases). Black Ops 4 was considered to have no content and that launched with 14 maps, almost double what this did. Many people will argue that the campaign is worth the money, fair enough. How about people who don't want to play the campaign and are in it for its signature PvP mode? If you're going to price it at $70, why not charge us separately for campaign and multiplayer? That being said, they'd probably price it at $140 if they did that. We have to wait 1 month (which is 1/12th of the game's entire life cycle or 1/24th if we're super lucky) to get new content minus a rehashed map next week, and even that is tiny. The game has barely double the content that the beta did. That's shocking, considering the beta was free. Also why on earth have they openly said that they're having a heavy focus on crossovers for Warzone? Seriously? Content size aside, the game has released in early access. It's the least stable Call of Duty I think I've ever played on launch. The Dualshock 4 bug that causes you to restart your entire system is the worst offender but there are more. I get that COVID is greatly affecting work efficiency but is this not more evidence that a yearly franchise is incredibly anti-consumer? Sorry if I sounded too harsh but this is the 17th mainline Call of Duty game. How have they not got this to a tee?

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Am I the only one who thinks pronouns have gone to far?

I accept she/her, he/him, and they/them. But I don’t understand neopronouns? it is impractical. Pronouns exist to not make conversations about someone sound repetitive. And why would someone want to be called stuff like doll/kitten/baby/bat by everyone? Isn’t that just a nickname basically??

Edit: I’m gonna stop answering to comments now :)

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The morton salt girl aged over time

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It do be like that

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Sorry if i have too high standards.

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Silversmith in action

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This rangoli done by my Mom :)

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I just think they're neat

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When you send your friend 10 memes in a row

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