Make this a Christmas card

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My grandpa in 1948 looking like a total model.

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You had me at whip n' slide...

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It's Buzz Aldrin's 89th birthday today. Let's not forget the time he punched a moon landing denier in the face.

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Where are my testicles,summer

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I mean, yeah. I honestly can't disagree.

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My best friend has outed himself as a full blown racist. How do I deal with this?

We're white boys in our mid twenties and have been friends for over 15 years. The guy has always been a bit weird, misogynistic and very socially awkward. I've talked to him about his prejudices before but all I get back is blank stares and chuckles. Lately he has stopped making excuses and pretensions about his bigoted views and even seems to take pride in his racism.

Anyone else got experience with close friends or loved ones revealing ugly sides about themselves? How do you deal with this?

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My gecko of 14 years died of old age a few hours ago and my family is making fun of me.

Her name was ruby and she was a small crested gecko. I really loved her a lot, for such a small thing she had so much personality. She would always walk onto my hand if I held it out for her and would jump to the cage door if I was home from work.

For the last week she had been sluggish and not climbing at all. She stopped visiting me when I came home and stayed on the cage floor. I knew deep down it was her age, but I wanted to just believe she was just maybe a little out of it, so I tried to keep her healthy and hydrated. Just today I came home and found her motionless, i went to touch her gently and saw she was still breathing and stiff. But she was clearly weak and the breathing was shallow. I didnt want to bother her, I know reptiles get stressed out by human touch when they are uncomfortable, so I left her.

An hour later she was dead, I knew because when I went to touch her, she was limp, she had never been so limp before.

I told my sister and showed her the body as I was taking it to the backyard for a burial, she seemed shocked, but oddly asked to take a pic. I told her no as it was weird.

I buried her, grieved for a few hours, and decided I would stay home from work tomorrow.

My parents came home and I told them, they were respectful, well my mom at least was sympathetic, my dad didnt do much but listen. I just came back upstairs and I heard them talking, my dad and sister dont exactly have quiet voices.

They said that I was overreacting, how maybe if it was the dog I should be upset and crying. And how my managers would think I would be stupid if I called in for the death of a lizard.

I thought they would be respectful, but I guess they really didnt care for her or how much she meant to me. It makes me furious, but I dont have the energy to confront them. She may have been small, and not the brightest, but I really did love ruby, I've had her since I was in elementary. I just wish they were more understanding about this.

Edit: Thanks for all the kind words guys, you really didnt have to do that but I'm grateful for it all, it may have made me cry a bit.

I decided to share some photos of Ruby and her girlfriend Papy, please enjoy them, I wish I could have taken more.

Ruby and Papy

Edit 2: here's some more, I even included a video of how she would great me whenever I came home late. I hope you guys enjoy them.

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Placebo in a nutshell

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