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Light Show at the Bundeshaus in Bern, Switzerland

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Wonder Woman finding Superman's weakness

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To Brits living abroad, what were some culture shocks you experienced?

I live in South Korea and my biggest shocks were:

-all services are done very quickly (groceries are delivered the next day)

-no one adds milk to their tea or coffee (also barely anyone here drinks tea)

-eating out of the same bowl of soup or stew with friends

-slippers in the bathroom

-90% of bread here is all sweet. Bakeries just sell pastries

-awful driving

-pickled vegetables served alongside most western dishes

-almost no obese people

-room salons of all varieties ( hostess bars where you drink crappy whisky, sing karaoke and have sex with prostitutes)

-rarely every any bar brawls or drunken altercations, people are way more sensible when drunk than we are

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A little boy accidentally orders pizza to his house and here is his dad's reaction.

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Pineapple dominance

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First post on here

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Man gets kicked out of Planet Fitness for having a 1/2 gal water bottle

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Rockstar Games is a master at blending gameplay with cutscenes

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