Absolute creep approaches teenager while on live

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Old veteran take selfie with a hot girl

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tastes like egg

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Living his dream

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Alfa Romeo poster for the Portuguese GP

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World map of borders

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Don’t even have to look at his face to know his pain...

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Mass upvote bots are now swarming this sub now that moons are an incentive

Just saw a person called u/fweilatan instantly get 60 upvotes out of nowhere from 0, launching him to the top page.

He is just a garbage shill.

By the way, this is against Reddit TOS and WILL get you banned from the entire site.

There was a post last week about how moons would earn you back more from hiring upvote bots and posting here. Well this certainly didn't age well.

There was also controversy about u/da_f3nix where he had a post at 127 upvotes and 0 comments in 18 minutes. It's still on the top page as of now.

It was inevitable, but it's nevertheless disgusting how snobs like these are trying to take advantage of this sub.

EDIT: ANOTHER botted post suddenly appeared. He's on top page yet has 3 comments as of now.

Remember to report these posts! The mods do a great job.

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Climate Change being considered a Politics topic instead of a Science topiç is part of the problem and helps sabotage any discussions on it

Reddit is just as big of offender of this as the news and other platforms. Multiple "no politics" subreddits block any discussion of it even if it is otherwise relevant to the sub.

We need to stop with this "who do you believe" takes. Science is there to be understood, not believed. The whole point of it is to be discussed and to be okay with any hypothesis to be wrong.being wrong in Science is still a valid reportable result. On the other hand in Politics people get entrenched and refuse to even contemplate that they are wrong.

By assigning politics label to the issue we automatically create "sides".

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