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This old chimney network that has been exposed.

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Saturn Devouring His Son, Me, BALLOONS, 2021

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I love having an actual president again. It feels good.

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🔥 Scenery when a Sandstorm occurs after a snowstorm.

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In Wayne's World 2, Charlton Heston makes a brief cameo appearance to demonstrate the difference between a bad and amazing actor.

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Happiest countries in Europe (World Happiness Report 2020)

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I met a player today in a mythic+ dungeon who didn’t know what an interrupt, dispel, debuff or silence was. I now realize just how little WoW teaches new players.

They were a tank, and they advertised their own key. When I first joined, they said they were ‘new’ - I presumed they meant new to Tanking, and was like yea man, no problem. We start the key. I noticed they weren’t doing any interrupts, and they were pretty squishy, but it was my first mythic of the day and I was kind of on autopilot so I didn’t think much of it. I was the healer and was a little overgeared for the mythic so we did fine and timed it.

They questioned why they didn’t get any loot, which was. Odd. Then when the mage asked if anyone wanted the gear that dropped for them, the Tank asked for it. ..a cloth item. I found this pretty weird so I stayed in the group and inspected their gear.

All 158/171 gear. It was a low mythic, but not that low. And they had put on the cloth helm. I asked why, they seemed confused. I mention Armor Skills in their Spellbook and they.. don’t know what that is. I had to tell them how to open their Spellbook, what the General tab was, and then they found it - then I explained they needed all of one armor type. They eventually got it. Not knowing how to navigate their Spellbook was really odd, so I asked how long they’d been playing.

Ten days.

A ten-day-old player was level60 and tanking mid-range mythic keys.

I decide that I’ll just gear this guy up with some Timewalking dungeons to get them their weekly quest and be on my merry way. That didn’t really happen. Once I taught them what Timewalking was, and made sure they had the quest - First dungeon in and I realize they just. Don’t use their interrupt. I ask if they know they have one. They have no idea what I’m talking about.

This eventually turned into a 4-hour session of me doing practice Duels outside Stormwind with this complete stranger, discovering to my horror that they did not know what an Interrupt was, or a Brez, or a Silence, or a Debuff, or a Dispel, or even that their Ironfur could stack, or any Party/Raid functions like Ready Check, or - the list goes on. We only stopped because I had to go, but they added me, so I hope to help them more later.

I feel so bad for this guy.

A tank, doing mythic+ keys for who knows how long, with an item level too low to get any loot from them, not knowing so many of the basic mechanics of the game. And they were saying sorry so much, I am pretty sure they’d been flamed more than once and had no idea why.

Exile’s Reach is pretty but doesn’t teach NEARLY as much as it needs to.

P.S. tank friend, if you see this, know that you did just fine and you’re doing your best and I’m proud of you.

Edit: Some people are assuming they were a boosted character. They were not! They leveled to 50 through solo questing alone, then did the Shadowlands solo quest campaign up to 60. Then just started the dungeon grind I guess. Leveling is really, really fast in Retail.

Edit 2: I passed out and woke up to 500+ notifications, holy heck. Thanks for the rewards and discussion everybody! I really like the ‘revamped Proving Grounds’ idea going around for teaching mechanics. Like a contained, class-inclusive monk’s Serenity training; when they hit a certain level, they get a quest to enter the Proving Grounds and then are taught how to interrupt and stuff. I’ll try to respond to what I can!

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“Ive never found a black woman attractive but I think you’re beautiful”

That is not a compliment. Please do not say this to any black woman you are interested in. Automatic turn off

Edit: this didn’t happen to me on a date anytime recently so this isn’t a “give me advice” post. Im trying to GIVE the advice. This can be used for anything (height, any race, etc). Thank you 😊

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hello, i'm Porter Robinson, producer / songwriter / electronic musician! AMA

hello (again) everyone! i did an AMA 6 years ago around the release of my last album, Worlds. since then, I worked on "Shelter" with Madeon, and also co-created "Shelter the Animation" shortly after. i also launched a side project a few years ago called Virtual Self (recommended if you're interested in deep dives into electronic music subgenres and turn-of-the-millennium aesthetics).

last friday, i released my second album, "Nurture", which is a project that took me about 6 years on-and-off. after "Worlds", i felt this really strong need to write an album that explored the beauty of reality and of the everyday, but as i'm sure we'll get into here, it was one of the hardest (and most worthwhile!) things i've ever done.

here's the new album "nurture" ! https://porterrobinson.com/nurture

feel free to ask me anything!

i'm also really interested in speaking about creativity more broadly, since it's something i've thought about a lot over the last few years.

Proof: https://i.redd.it/h0g3la7ptyv61.png

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