Perhaps phrasing would be beneficial

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AITA for wanting to walk into my first home without my wife?

My wife [25F] and I [27M] have been married six months now. I have a good job in sales, and have managed to save enough to get together a deposit for a house. It is true that my parents have helped me out quite a bit too financially.

My wife has not been employed very consistently. She has worked as a model, but hasn’t saved much at all.

I bought the house, and the estate agent handed over the keys to me. My wife wasn’t there at the hand-over. I was obviously super excited to show her the house, and for us to start our lives together.

We drove up to the house yesterday. I said to her while we sat in the car outside: ‘is it OK if I go in alone first, just so I can have a moment alone in my first home?’ I felt that it was a Significant Moment in my life, and I wanted to experience it alone, even just for 30 seconds.

My wife was upset about this and has been off with me ever since. We have moved some of our stuff in but she’s clearly pissed. I think she’s being selfish. My brother says I am being ridiculous.

Edit: Thanks for the comments guys. I wasn’t expecting that much of a response. I do see that all the replies are leaning towards me being the asshole. I have decided to apologise to my wife properly. I think I was quite caught up in the emotional intensity of the milestone. Thanks.

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Cats fighting in an alley in Japan

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Two Ewoks sharing a hug

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Katie Ledecky Won 2 Gold In Tokyo, Making A Total Of 6 All Time. The Most By Any Female Swimmer Ever

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Chad is a Math genius.

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I would say it is 9/10 for bending the knees

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Zack Snyder would benefit from a Co-Director moreso than any other active filmmaker

Over the years there have been several directors (most of whom have acheived wild commercial success), that have a technical mastery of the craft of filmmaking, but show major deficiencies in either creating believable characters & motivation and/or writing intricate exchanges between characters (that isnt just a bunch of exposition dump, or set up for the next set-piece). Several visionary directors fall into this as well, including Zemeckis and Cameron (to a lesser extent)

But, there's never been someone who has exemplified this quite like Snyder. This also bleeds into how I view his films, most of them are bloated, screechy messes, that also almost-always have atleast one scene that's plain breathtaking.

That's why I believe that Snyder will start making absolute modern-classics, the second he starts working with a co-director that's known for dramatic storytelling and nuanced characterisation.

Because, this whole "singular-vision" schtick has actually been a detriment to his films. The dude is a fantastic visual filmmaker, but his films desperately need an intellectual counter-weight, to balance out his excesses

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Jiggle physics

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