[Highlight] Year 19 LeBron with a crazy backwards dunk in transition

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average mechanical keyburd user

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Rapper throws his cap at concert

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On September 11,2001 Astronaut Frank Culbertson was the only American not on earth that day, he was 250 miles above at the International Space Station and this is the photo he took Of NYC. He said he didn't know what was going on but he knew it was bad because he could see the smoke from space.

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Day 1, 00:00 AM EST

"I don't know how to feel about this. It has been 12 hours since NNN started for my timezone, and I've won twice before, but this year feels...different. Whatever. Let's cheers to a great November, making some new memories. Hope to see you all in the finish line by December. To the people who are in with me, I can take you somewhere beautiful and it can be our world. Best of luck. Let's do this."


Greetings, I am Velvet, otherwise known as Mascot Velvet, Madam General, Miss Mod, or whatever you want to call me by. I will kick things off with the VERY FIRST ROLL-CALL OF NNN 2021! For those aiming for the Diamond NoNutter 2021, these are the posts you need to comment on to be eligible for the ultimate prize.


A calendar for you to keep track of the days and cross them out. It will also be updated on the sidebar!

1. What are Roll-Calls, again?

In case you didn't read the initiation post with all the rules and info;

  • Roll-calls are posts you're required to comment on if you want to be eligible for the Diamond NoNutter flair.

  • You have to comment on at least 7/30 of the roll-calls.

  • A simple "Still IN" or "I'm OUT" is all you need to comment, but feel free to unleash your inner thoughts and creative writer skills in the comments!

  • They will always be posted on 12:00 AM Eastern Time. The roll-calls are open all day, and will lock once the roll-call for the next day is posted.

The roll calls will be posted on ALL our main social media platforms, like our Twitter, Instagram, and our Facebook page. YOU ONLY NEED TO REPLY ON THE ONE IN THE SUBREDDIT!

By the way, EVERY SATURDAY we will be showcasing the TOP 10 SUBREDDIT MEMBERS who contributed to Team Seas! More info can be found here!

2. Milestones

There are milestones for hitting a certain day. Of course, the Diamond NoNutter is the ultimate prize for completing NNN, but if you get out during November, don't worry, for we have consolation prizes.

  • Out Day 1-7: No reward

  • Out Day 8-14: Bronze NoNutter

  • Out Day 15-21: Silver NoNutter

  • Out Day 22-30: Gold NoNutter

  • Total Completion: Diamond NoNutter (Diamond flairs do stack, i.e. 2020+2021)

3. Daily Dose of Assistance

We'll also be using the roll-calls to offer some help or some food for thought each day for all of you, because we're all in this together! Here's our first motivational food for today:

"Getting into a mindset that this is a temporary challenge for you is a great way to start this journey. Thinking about how this long and gruelling journey will have an end with a blast of reward will keep you motivated and keep you going."

(Taken from the Help and Advice page of the No Nut November Wiki, please do contribute if you can!)

4. Extra Reminders

  • We also have a Spotify playlist to compile some songs to help push you through the month. Please do give us additions to the playlist! You can check out the playlist by clicking here!

  • Regardless of you are out or not, donate to Team Seas! Donators will be granted a unique "TEAM SEAS CONTRIBUTOR" flair that no one will ever take away from you. More info here!


Thank you all for participating. May the best of luck be on your side. I will be fighting alongside you all too. REMEMBER: I will be there for, for you I will be there, SO STAND THE FUCK UP AND SHOW ME THAT THIS LIFE IS WORTH LIVING

- Velvet <3

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How hard is it to listen to a doctor

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He's just being friendly!

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I am at a loss of words right now

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Amish Edition

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Couldn't resist dressing up our two year old triplets as hobbits for Halloween (girl, boy, boy)

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