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20/11/2020 (ROLL-CALL!)

WELCOME TO DAY 20! We are now 2/3rds through No Nut November! Great work, we are almost done with November! Who's still in?

Again, we're planning to have a Mod QnA! If we do make the Mod QnA, which one of are you most interested in asking questions to? Let us know!

Interested in hanging out with fellow Cumrades and discussing your NNN runs? Join our Discord server for all that! - (Use this link instead if the first link isn't working.)

For those who are aiming to earn the Diamond NoNutter 2020 flair, make sure you comment on as many of these roll-calls as you can. Commenting every single day isn't required at all, but don't just comment on the first and last roll-calls and expect to get the award. A simple "Still IN" or "ROLL-CALL" is all that is necessary, but feel free to use these roll-call posts to also log your process.

Thank you again everyone, and remember: It'll only get harder from here, I wish all of the troops still fighting out there the best of luck!

- Velvet <3

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My ten year old made this and sent it to me.

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Left me standing in the queue

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Reactions of animals when there is a mirror in nature

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Footage of how bad the Warlock Stasis melee is now

courtesy of u/a_persian

I'm a Titan so this doesn't affect me but I do think they went overboard here.

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We are Jackbox Games, makers of The Jackbox Party Pack 7 - Ask us anything!

The Jackbox Party Pack 7 is available on major digital platforms, including the Nintendo Switch. We’re excited to field your questions about the party games we make each year, especially those included in The Jackbox Party Pack 7 (Quiplash 3, Champ’d Up, The Devils and the Details, Talking Points, Blather ‘Round).

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Jackbox Games subreddit

Joining the AMA today…

Allard Laban (glochids), Chief Creative Officer

Andy Poland (crabbydad), VP of Audio & Editorial

Brooke Hofer (jbgbrooke), Marketing Director

Arnie Niekamp (misterarnie), Studio Editorial Director, Director - Talking Points

Owen Watson (Babypopdip), Lead Artist - The Devils and the Details

Chase McClure (infostruct), Senior Software Engineer

Ryan McGill (rydash), Software Engineer

Michael Siciliano (MikeSoChill), Software Engineer

Isaac Sweet (1_sweet), Software Engineer

Belia Portillo (bbbelia), Marketing Manager

Tim Sniffen (sniffen), Lead Artist, Host - The Devils and the Details

We will be giving out a Switch code for a free copy of The Jackbox Party Pack 7 to the user who asks our favorite question before 5 PM CT tonight! If chosen, you’ll hear from us on November 20th.

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I can smell that

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Cyberpunk 2077 — Official Gameplay Trailer

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Please no, my eyes!

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