Netflix sucks

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My mom was a total punk when she was 16

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Asking a simple question

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My partner just about lost it watching these little ducklings cross the street

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PC Building Sim review hitting too close

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Did ye, aye?

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Dead cats deserve equally as much mourning as dead dogs.

My cat died yesterday. I made a little rant post about it but got mostly indifferent and even hurtful replies. Some people accused me of killing my own cat because I let it go outside from time to time.

I told my sister we were going to bury our furry friend on Wednesday and she asked me ‘why?’

When my coworker’s dog died, he got a day off.

Pets are pets and life is life. Cats can be family members just as much as dogs can but they don’t get nearly as much love. It pisses me off.

Edit: Little backstory:

My wife and I can’t have a second child due to complications during the first pregnancy.

Our son, now five, was really sad he couldn’t have a brother or sister when he was about three. He kept asking for a cat, so thats what we got for our family.

We found Mellow, a fully grey (blue) ragdoll. We took him home when he was seven weeks old. He became instant friends with our son and was basically his protector. When we were outside at the playground, Mellow was there to keep watch. He slept on the rug by his bed or on the covers. When my son would take out the trash, Mellow would escort him. When our son went to a friends house to play, Mellow would wait for at least half an hour by the friends’ door.

He got hit by a car on Saturday. Without going in too much detail: the street is still covered in blood.

He wasn’t even two years old.

I made a post on r/rant condemning the driver that hit Mellow. I got a lot of negative and personal responses which I couldn’t handle anymore so I deleted the post.

Thanks to everyone for their heartwarming replies.

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Jackie Chan being badass on a German TV Show

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oh how the turn tables

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