Japan being cool af like always

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Flowery Pitbull

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First day of school in a Georgia town. One of the biggest virus hot zones in the world.

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Somebody lost their Lost DVDs at the bus stop

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This baby bird instinctively mimics a poisonous caterpillar when it senses a predator nearby

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Olympic Gold Medalist, Katie Ledecky, swims with a glass of chocolate milk on her head

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TIFU By buying game cheats from a terrorist, who then got me arrested and forced to marry my GF.

(I'm really sorry, i'm from North Africa, I speak French & Arabic, but my English isn't that good).

I'm 22 years old. (21 when it happened)

Ok so long story short, in the beginning of 2019, i was playing FIFA on my PC (FUT), i was sad and mad, because i kept loosing all my games, then i had a fabulous idea, i looked over google, for some Cheats, i searched for hours, then i've joined a Shady FIFA Cheats Discord. Contacted a guy who was selling some nice cheats, he showed me how it works, i proceeded to the payements (over paypal), evrything was fine, the dude was cool (we texted each other, i never heard his voice).

One month after that, i heard a knock on my door, a really loud one, i went to open the door, and there was like a full squad of Police officiers, at least eight of them, i was horrified.

As soon as i opened the door, they handcuffed me, took me to their place without any explanation, my mother was out of her mind, later, they've explained me that they work for Afripol. its like Interpol but for Africa.

They also explained me that they're suspecting me, and i was likely to carry out an attack in the Algerian territory (not only because my beard looks like James Harden's beard) but they also traced a transaction between my Paypal account, and a Russian terrorist who is actually Wanted. (the same f***er who sold me the FIFA CHEAT!!) don't ask me why a terrorist is selling cheats on the internet, i don't know.

Anyway, they carried on by searching into my phone, in the heat of the moment i totally forgot about my Girlfriend's (-18) pictures with me, autorities in my country have evry right over the citizens, so it would have not changed anything if i wasn't ok with them searching into my phone.

Same day, they brought my PC to their place, searched it too, they found nothing suspicious,

I explained them for one hour that the only thing I bought, was a FIFA cheat for my game, i'm a really chill dude, i was smiling the whole time because i was stressed as f*ck , they believed me at the end, but i was left with a big problem, my gf and I. Because in my BEAUTIFUL country, if you're caugh by the authorities with your GF/BF f***ing or even kissing, its either you go to jail or you marry her/him, i was lucky enough, because i was planning to marry her since a couple of months, my family knows her, hers know me. it just did speed up the process a little bit.

TL;DR: Bought a Cheat Software for my PC game, ended up suspected in a terrorist case, and forced to marry my gf.

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