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Well that's one way of doing it

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AITA for quitting a job on the spot when they gave me a bad evaluation after only working 15 hours?

I was talking about this with my sister the other day and she thinks it was a bit of an asshole/drama move on my part. When I was 23, I started working at a clothing store in the mall for some extra money. I was there for about a week, though I only worked some short training shifts. I worked a total of 15 hours.

The managers pulled me aside and said they gave me an evaluation. It would have been fine, I am open to criticism and improving. However, they gave me a really low score (5 out of 45) saying I was not "living up to expectations" and it was going to go in my file. They promised it would be amended when I improved.

I pointed out that this was unfair, as I had not been trained on 3/4ths of the things on that list. So why was I getting a low permanent score before my training period was up? I asked for the paper and they said I could not have it, but they would give me a copy.

I told them never mind, this was not a job I saw myself thriving at, and they should find someone else to finish my shift. It was my first long shift. I was supposed to work 7am to 5pm but said I didn't care if they had to stay late and left.

They tried to get me to not leave, by saying they would give me a copy of the paper. But I said I wasn't gonna work here any longer and went home. I found a new job babysitting until I finished my degree. I have never been into that store again.


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I wasn't expecting an erotic massage

Today I was accompanying my father at his work. Eventually, after lunch, I told him we could get a massage at a nearby center.

I wasn't completely serious, it was a random suggestion, but my dad had the generosity of paying me a massage as he returned to work.

I thought it was a "common" massage centre.

It wasn't.

She asked me to undress completely, which surprised me but was OK.

But she massaged the WHOLE body.

She touched my my private parts and when asked to turn over she gave me a handjob.

Considering that I'm 18 and that my body is always horny (which is inevitable) I ended up ejaculating.

Should she warn me about this?

Is this common and legal in some centres?

Did my dad knew what he was getting me into?

It was in Paris.

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"Just resting my eyes"

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not even IP address he straight up told his location

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A Redditor on r/TheLastOfUs2 sent death threats to himself and blamed us. | Girlfriend Reviews

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Who is an actor you fail to enjoy?

Disclaimer: To enjoy, not understand. I feel like this is a common criticism where you don't get the hype around a certain actor like "I don't understand the appeal" or "It's not for you to get." I get why people like [this actor] but they are not my taste.

For me it has to be Jeremy Renner. I’ve never enjoyed him in anything because I always get major douche vibes whenever he is on screen, with every character he plays come across like a cocky asshole with an smug attitude.

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Not to bring religion into this sub but some of y’all need this tweet

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GPS tracking on six wolf packs shows how much they avoid and respect each other's territory.

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